Tea. Syriana. In. Brazil. Best.


April 2nd, 2015

So, latest movie marathon – something for everyone!

Tea with Mussolini, Franco Zeffirelli (1999)– the combination of Dame Judi Dench and Maggie Smith never fails to satisfy. Add in Joan Plowright, Cher and Lily Tomlin, and what more could you want. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story – especially about Mussolini. Some may say I’m old before my time. Let them.

Syriana, Stephen Gaghan (2005)– Kind of have to say the same for this line up – George and Matt – but I’m a fan of this combo from way back (ie. Oceans ….). Oh, and did I see William Hurt – that’s also got to be good :)! Same old CIA games – gotta wonder when this story will tire. Same story, different countries. American foreign policy is like a broken record. I seem to remember this film was well reviewed (David and Margaret gave it 4 stars each), but unfortunately for me, good needs to have some kind of originality involved. Maybe some people were surprised about the content. Others of us are just, ‘same old, same old’. Maybe they need to bring out another film about how they won the Vietnam war.

In the Cut, Jane Campion (2003) – A thriller would not normally be on my list, but I have an article about Margaret’s top 5 films of all times. This was on the list. I’d have to say, apart from being annoyed about watching Meg Ryan’s Botox’d upper lip for 2 hours, this was a fantastic Jane Campion film. You can tell by the cinematography – it was reminiscent of Bright Star for lingering shots on quirky colour/texture. I love it.

Brazil, Terry Gilliam (1985) – there should be more films like this made. The dystopian world portrayed strikes at every excess of our current ‘lifestyle’. So very relevant today in so many ways. Who could have known in the eighties how the small screens people could watch anywhere, including in the bath would take over our life. Life really does imitate art (we’re only running 30 years behind science fiction really). Plastic surgery etc etc etc. Love the ducts – ever present (making me smile in every scene). Love the girl of his dreams, bureaucracy, complicity, it was Fahrenheit 451 in a film – j’adore!

and from the sublime to the ridiculous … Best in Show, Christopher Guest (2000). A laugh a minute, out loud. I’ve seen this before, but it is just so, so good and so very funny. ‘Stop listing nuts’ you ventriloquist … :)! The show commentator/UK expert is of course the highlight, but then there’s Parker Posey also a favourite of mine. Big smile, best thing to watch when you’ve been home sick from work all day.

So there you have it. Themes of the week – torture – of all different kinds, plastic surgery or the merits of growing old gracefully and 2-hour-long films.